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ACMG HS was created, as a logical response to a number of observations regarding the health care system in Florida and the opportunity provided in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) for ameliorating the negative aspects of the system.

We are a network of individual practices of ACO professionals.


despite pontifications and allusions to the contrary, there has been limited to no history of collaboration among major stakeholders within the Florida health care system. indeed, limited coalitions of community stakeholders have emerged, however, the system itself historically and currently reflects periodic epic battles between insurance companies and hospitals, with almost recognizable commitment among stakeholders to truly achieve "seamless care". As a result, Florida's health care system has been highlighted as fragmented, hospital- centric, with limited observable examples of coordination and integration of care between providers, and excessive utilization and costs particularly among Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions.


both practicing physicians and patients have become the casualties of the battles waged in Florida health care system dominated predominantly by hospitals. Patients have been forced to move from comprehensive to catastrophic health plans, limiting their opportunities to access true preventive care and the assistance necessary to effectively coordinate care for their chronic diseases. As well, community-based practicing physician have become a prize target for acquisition by major hospital systems, with the intent to further their efforts to remain the dominate cost center in the system, particular with reference to Medicare expenditures.


the recent emphasis placed on the development of ACOs in the Medicare Shared Savings Program as a viable approach to system reform provides an opportunity for higher levels of collaboration among primary care and specialty providers and the preservation of their independent practices outside of the dominant control of hospitals.


true reform in the Florida health care system can only result when physicians rise to the challenge of reform, and become "...a constructive force and a trustworthy partner for the continual improvement of health and healthcare for all Americans." The undeniable fact is that the heart of medical care is in-bedded in the physician and the preservation of the doctor-patient relationship and not within the walls of a given institution.

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